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Humanitarians of the Year

This year Interfaith Works is recognizing Anne & Rick Rudman and Family as the 2017 Humanitarians of the Year at the 20th Annual Companies Caring Breakfast.

The Rudman family, Anne, Rick and their four children ages 12 through 21, have been increasingly active in their support of Interfaith Works. Anne serves on the board of the Community Foundation in Montgomery County and has been a strong advocate of issues that help Montgomery residents attain economic security. The Rudman family donated funds to build the new entrance ramp at the upstairs location of the clothing center. Without this donation, the opening of the new ICC would have been greatly delayed. The Rudmans' daughter Maggie also has volunteered her time there. In addition to their generous support of Interfaith Works, the Rudman family is actively involved in other local community service and other causes both nationally and internationally. Rick spent time in Malawi volunteering with Water for People and their daughter Kat spent time in Tanzania volunteering at a local orphanage.

In recognition of being named Humanitarians of the Year, an award fund has been set up to help Interfaith Works in its mission to empower people to lift themselves out of poverty.

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