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Interfaith Works (IW) and the Montgomery County Faith Community Advisory Council (FCAC) are forming a new public-private partnership, creating a new entity to assist Montgomery County faith communities in meeting residents' needs. The new initiative will be known as Interfaith Network of Montgomery County.

Together, FCAC and IW will create the Interfaith Network of Montgomery County (INMC), a public/private partnership that will bring hundreds of faith communities together to build a healthy, resilient community where all residents feel respected, valued and supported. INMC will focus on fostering dialogue and providing faith-community solutions to crucial issues, including poverty, xenophobia and bigotry.

Donations made to this campaign will support the hiring of an Interfaith Advocacy Coordinator. This position will engage Montgomery County Faith Communities to carry out the work of the Interfaith Network.

Interfaith Network Membership

The INMC is a network of faith communities, faith and community-based organizations, and government agencies that promote a respectful, healthy, and caring community through countywide interfaith, government and non-profit organization dialogue, information exchange, and coordination. Participation is open to all faith communities. Membership fees vary based on the size of the faith community (e.g. average weekly attendance (AWA) of more than 100 vs those with AWA of 100 or less) and leadership level of the faith community leader.

To register as a member of the Interfaith Network of Montgomery County, visit our membership page here.

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