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A giant thank you to all my friends who support Interfaith Works on my behalf, for all your gifts, large and small, and all the ways you share them. Your activism makes a difference in people's lives.

Poverty does not have to be a part of our communities. Turning towards our neighbors, not aside from the reality of the struggle of those who live in poverty, is the way to shift the landscape towards economic stability in ways that empower us all.

I believe that communities are stronger together, and that we thrive when we put aside our differences to make a difference.

Interfaith Works pursues social justice with an emphasis on identifying and meeting the needs of the poor, giving a "hand up" not a "hand out," making a difference in the long term arc of poverty for individuals and our communities. Through shared action and advocacy, IW provides Montgomery County's varied faith communities a collaborative way to carry out our shared vision of service to the poor and homeless, and to help our neighbors move from crisis to stability.

Almost 72,000 Montgomery County residents live below the Federal poverty line, and 19,757 of these residents are children. In the midst of abundance, our neighbors face incredible challenges. Every day, hundreds of people in our community turn to Interfaith Works for help. From prevention to emergency shelter to permanent supportive housing, guidance with interviewing and resume building, to support for people returning to the work force, and employers willing to give a person a second chance, Interfaith Works helps people in crisis lift themselves out of poverty, changing lives for a better today and tomorrow.

Interfaith Works has served our community for more than 40 years, from volunteer opportunities for congregations, and advocacy with our county and state governments, to providing shelter to the homeless, food for the hungry and clothing for those in need. In addition to providing a safety net for struggling individuals and families, and working to change the long term landscape of poverty, as a leader among social services organizations, IW focuses on "lifting" people out of poverty with long term follow up and wrap around services based in high expectations and respect for the individual.

I have served on IW's Executive Board of Directors for four years, and am deeply involved in the strategic planning process as we look towards shaping a powerful future of economic stability for all. I spend many volunteer hours to working with the extraordinary professional staff of this organization, so I know first hand the good work that Interfaith Works does as a leader in poverty reduction, and what we can do together by supporting their work. Please join me in donating to Interfaith Works today. United Way: #8230