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Membership Levels and Fees

The INMC is a network of faith communities, faith and community-based organizations, and government agencies that promote a respectful, healthy, and caring community through countywide interfaith, government and non-profit organization dialogue, information exchange, and coordination. Participation is open to all faith communities. Membership fees vary based on the size of the faith community (e.g. average weekly attendance (AWA) of more than 100 vs those with AWA of 100 or less) and leadership level of the faith community leader.

Faith Communities:

  • Membership fee for AWA 100 or less (single leader faith communities): $100
  • Membership fee for AWA greater than 100 (multi leader faith communities): $250
Benefits include: invitation to community events, access to community leaders, discounts on program registrations

Faith Community Leaders:

  • Senior Leader: $50
  • Assisting Leader: $25
Benefits: Discounts on clergy membership

Friends of INMC:

  • Individual (members of the public): $500
  • Organizational/Corporate: $2,000
    • To select this membership, enter $2,000 in the blank donation box, then select "Friend of INMC Corporate Partner" under "Apply my donation to"

How to sign up:

  1. Select the corresponding membership fee amount
  2. Select the membership category under "Apply My Donation To"

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